PC death, New Motherboard, and previously bought New HDD

Despite my efforts to keep up April’s post count, and possibly improve it, i was being lazy slammed down with many BS which includes but not limited to – My PC being dead. So hey, might as well turn this into a blog post eh? 😛 I’ll promise to make this one good, so long you stick through it 😀 (oh and Solomon, ill definitely get those pictures processed >_<)

Anyways, PC just went down recently, and got restored with a new Motherboard. Basically, i overclock, and i have a light overclocking profile that have my PC running 24/7 for torrents. Considering the recent weather change for the worse, (read: burning) my old Asus Commando motherboard finally gave in, but that’s not all, it dragged the PSU’s 8pin 12v plug along /facepalm.

Its not all that bad i guess, i took the opportunity to clean up the entire casing and all of its fans and heat sinks that’s stacked with pitch black pile of dust. The crappy part is that i have to pay for a new motherboard. (about MYR750)

Speaking of the motherboard, its a pretty awesome Asus Maximus II Formula, and boy is it EASY to overclock with this baby.

There’s still about 20+ pictures of the process, and the board itself being hooked up with the IFX14 heat sink, and eventually inside the casing. Also showed some minor cable tidying work (yes i suck at keeping things tidy lol, but hey it ain’t that bad XD). Ill have all of those grouped up in a mini-Gallery just a little bit further down this post.

Anyways, i started rebuilding the PC like 10-11pm? It dragged on until 7-8AM i believe and i gave in to Horo and crashed out for the day. About 6ish AM i went off to grab a chilling Peel fresh apple drink loaded with ice and i thought, why not spend that time with mai waifu?

So after i finished my apple juice and some quality time with Horo, i continued on with the PC, and finally, it is done. Even mai waifu approves:

And the final touches – turning the damn thing on XD

And here is the gallery:

In a super slowpoke closing (some 3 months slow), I’ve got some pictures taken when i bought a new 1TB HDD. Some of you may have already noticed the additional 1TB increment from my PC specs page though, totalling 2.5TB on this PC alone 🙂

Enjoy them, along with a slightly related video (again, also slowpoke, so you’ve probably seen it) regarding HDDs.

Do take note that the above pics are 3 month old ago, and my PC was well alive at that time ^^;

Lastly, the video:

(click on the youtube link twice to open a seperate link that allows HQ+HD playback if you prefer so)

Author: Quazacolt

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23 thoughts on “PC death, New Motherboard, and previously bought New HDD”

  1. @razrig: i meant that i wont be getting SSDs for quite a long time, will be sticking to conventional HDDs and raiding them instead. RAID 0 = 2 HDD used as 1 for increased performance. if 1 dies, “both dies”.


  2. IMO, you really need to acquire a low-spec pc/mini notebook (albeit with extra storage) to run those torrent 24/7. Running that behemoth all day long aint a good idea if you’re just using it for torrents. And I think running a mini notebook will save a whole lot of your electricity cost than running a full-spec tower pc.


  3. @KYPMbangi: actually i have a notebook that i can run torrents with. however i haven’t finalize a spot for it to run 24/7 so im sticking on the pc atm. that and i hate booting up sessions. being a single drive system disk (no RAID), boot up still takes time and thats what i hate. at the moment i just turn on monitor and speakers and my G15 keys/LCD back light and im good to go.

    if anything, been doing that for 2+ years and the electrical bills ain’t THAT bad. of course, the 90W notebook would be much better as opposed to 500-700+ watts


  4. Sucks what happened to your comp man but atleast you got Horo to cheer you up, although I do not aprove(shes all mine!). That comp in the vid though, I WANT NAO. Screw the electric bill, I could take over the world with that thing.


  5. Nowdays weather is getting hotter that i feel want to migrate to cooler place like japan lol. Perhaps you can get liquid cooler for your pc.

    ohya, i wanted to ask you something. for example like dakimakura 9k yen which is rm333, do we get taxed and how much? how much is your horo cover shipping fee?


  6. @kevinlmw: Japan can get hot too in the spring/summer 😛
    My horo’s shipping was 1.1k yen.

    So long your shipping cost AND item value does not exceed RM500, you should be fine on tax. also if the item packaging is small, being less “eye catchy” customs wont be likely to inspect it too (and tax it if the value exceeds ~rm500 for both item value and shipping cost)

    if you do get tax, i believe its around 10-20%? (not too sure clothing, it may vary depending on item type)


  7. Oh so item + shipping value does not exceed rm500 won`t be taxed right?
    I remember hermes got taxed like crazy so i am kinda concern about tax.

    Your dakimakura body is rm50 one or the midvalley rm300 one? how the quality wise?

    Perhaps it`s time to take one step forward XD
    I feel like myself is getting closer to a big pitfall. To the point of no return lol


  8. @Kevinlmw: its not a 100% guarantee, however thats a good guideline to follow and it works most of the time. my daki body is custom made, for RM50. quality, i guess its good enough ^^


  9. Thanks for the guideline, just gotten a visa card so should be easier to purchase online. Still a noob in term of online purchasing though, well… I just slowly learn step by step.

    heheh now all left is see which one is suit my taste ^^


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