Death Meets Moe WordPress Upgrade to 2.7 and other news

As usual with the slowness of updates for the site(nothing new here i believe >.>). While it is *somewhat* true that im a big slacker and more or less would munch up any amount of excuse for slacking to play WoW watch animes, it just happens to me that a chain of unfortunate events befalling towards the blog myself.

Just to give you guys an idea:

  • 2 posts planned for AFA 08: Me slaving for my workplace leading a network security upgrade project. Having me slaved through weeks (3+ weeks to be a lil more precise) of late nights having just about few hours of private time every weekdays. And for weekends, it usually involves me hibernating sleeping  for countless hours. (at least thats sorta over now)
  • 2, or possibly 3 more posts planned for Comic Fiesta 08: Server is DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. /le sigh. Distributed all my blog cards during the event on the very FIRST day itself, just to disappoint people to log on to a “page not found” or w/e internut error blank page. I was am in despair. (refer:
  • This god damn post (and the things associated with it, like, WP upgrade): Underwater cables… again? Jesus fucking Christ. And no I’m not joking either, it is simply too unfunny to joke about it. What sucks is my site happen to be in the crossfire (Denmark) of all this disaster. /despair moar. You can also link the previous 2 post attempts to this one as well. Trying to access my blog at retarded slowness is just… mood killing for ANY intent to blog.

Refer to:


Anyways, as you may or may not notice (don’t think you guys would as its mostly back end stuffs), WP has been upgraded to the latest 2.7 ver. The theme (i friggin love it, WS/dynamic resolution support is GODSENT) remains the same, not much cosmetic upgrades minus probably some changes here/there. But yeah, it. is. done.

Oh yea, some of you may have noticed the new web icon as well 😀  That would be Horo, which is featured in our banners and now the site’s icon. It was really hard to make a decent 16×16 sized icon file but there it is. Still a little unsatisfied with it as the “DMM” word and Horo is barely visible at all, but with 16×16 size, there isn’t much i can do. It would be much better if i have an actual logo like most sites use as their web icon and since i don’t, id have to settle with this. Do post a comment on any suggestions you guys may have, along if you guys would love a variable sized icon file(for example, saving a bookmark/page onto windows and the icon for the file is in 32×32) 🙂

The upgrade may have posed some more additional minor downtime and for that i apologize 🙂
I also got next post prepared for Monday, so long that one last thing needed for it doesn’t get delayed 😛 (sorry no CF/AFA yet T-T)

Author: Quazacolt

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2 thoughts on “Death Meets Moe WordPress Upgrade to 2.7 and other news”

  1. Hehe thanks, ill be adding a few more items and updating this post in a bit too.

    As for the WS support, the good thing bout this is… its backwards compatibility too LOL

    so if you have no WS, you just get a longer vertical scroll bar while WS users get the content sorta “expanded” horizontally. The top banner works the same too, 1024×768 users will see Yami’s hair clipped while for example, a 1680×1050 resolution user will see Yami’s wavy hair in its full glory. Supports up to over 2k resolution wide (so its also HD compatible too LOLWUT) if anyone happens to view this site in HD TV (KusakabeMisao did LOL)


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