Death Meets Moe hailing from new server

Ok post is finally up, been a really hectic week as Daicon 2009 approaches around the corner. Planned to have this posted yesterday night as the new DNS are being propagated/done propagating, not to mention following up a mega-update regarding Daicon as the weekend gets closer by jcdish.

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Server moving, appreciation to Aphexdk

As you guys can see from the post title, Death Meets Moe is finally moving the Server to paid hosting. During the migration starting now until the weekend, you may experience 1-2 days (max) of downtime, and the entire migration should be complete by this weekend first week of July, just a week before Daicon 2009. I’ll keep this short as I’m trying to make sure this posts makes it before end of June and I would actually maintain 3 posts/month and not slipping any lower than that >_<

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Happy new year 2009 from Death Meets Moe

Happy new year 2009 to everyone from DMM! And since it is the year of the cow/moo/ox/things that gives milk, i hereby present you a random cowgirl image! Hope you guys enjoy that haha. Many things happened in 2008, namely the creation of this blog? LOL! Ive thought of providing some highlights of anime and what not, but thats pretty much covered by many many other blogs, so didnt feel like the right thing to do at the moment, especially with so many blog drafts to clear. (like the AFA/CF ones lol) MAYBE id do it sometime later but most likely not as by the time i got around it, it’d be meaningless 😛

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Death Meets Moe WordPress Upgrade to 2.7 and other news

As usual with the slowness of updates for the site(nothing new here i believe >.>). While it is *somewhat* true that im a big slacker and more or less would munch up any amount of excuse for slacking to play WoW watch animes, it just happens to me that a chain of unfortunate events befalling towards the blog myself.

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