Massive DaiCon update!

DaiCon. Daikon. Its funny, you're supposed to laugh.

DaiCon is just around the corner, and there has been a final flurry of updates from the committee. Probably the most important thing is this:

Due to MMU security policy, all visitors to the university MUST be registered at the entrance, but we’ve managed to lift that requirement by using a special Visitor’s DaiCon pass! Please download the pass from our website, print it out on a piece of A4 paper and place it on your vehicles dashboard to gain hassle-free entry to our university! The pass also allows your vehicles access to the Visitor’s Parking Bays during DaiCon, so please keep it there at all times during our event!

Make things easier for yourself and do that, and tell your friends who are going as well! More updates after the jump.

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Daicon 2009 update – Doujin booths, and Chihara Minori ticket online sales

Not one, but TWO updates for the coming Daicon 2009 – Doujin booths registration, and Chihara Minori ticket online sales are now up!

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Daicon 2009 update – Chihara Minori

Here is another update for Daicon 2009, and it will be a pretty BIG one. Assuming you’ve already noticed the title and started going crazy with all the excitement (or in doubt for potential rick roll), yes, this is no April’s fool joke, the dates doesn’t show “1st April” – That’s right, popular Japanese seiyu (voice actor) and singer, Chihara Minori is visiting Malaysia to grace us at Daicon 2009!

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