Death Meets Moe hacked

image source: pixiv illustrator macozi page can’t really seem to find a computer/hacking related image for some reason, and since Danganronpa is just about to end, i guess it’s somewhat fitting


So a couple of weeks ago you guys would have come across an image that looks like this:
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Sennheiser HD700 review

image source: pixiv illustrator akinbo (hyouka fuyou) page: “tits and headphones” おっぱいとヘッドホン (page is R-18 so you need to be a registered pixiv member. and yes the original un-crop image is NSFW)


I will be using a similar format/style of writing i’ve used in my previous AD900 review, however considering the rather short period i’ve got my hands on the headphone, auditioning on a laptop setup (which i only use for gath/meets TBH LOL!), i will lay out a disclaimer that this review is SOLELY of my opinion, based on what i have at the time (setup, source which are just 320kbit mp3’s as opposed to some of the FLAC rips or even DIRECT CD playback for some of the songs that i use for analytic listening)
a minor note is that i will only be using anisong for auditioning, and of course there will be a lot of comparisons with my current AD900 🙂

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Merry Christmas 2011 from Death Meets Moe and Happy Ikaros day!


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas from Death Meets Moe as well as Happy birthday to Ikaros from Sora no Otoshimono!

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Jabra Extreme Bluetooth headset

image source: Pixiv member: Ayaka

Some of you may have remembered me asking around at jaben thread (or even directly at jaben’s store lol), Audio Technica thread for an ear phone (buds, not IEM). That quest has been proven quite, tedious and futile. mainly because:

1) don’t feel like spending much for portable as i’m not really a portable person
2) i can’t have IEMs in the office in case my colleagues/boss calls for me and i can’t hear a damn thing (they are supposed to be sealed aye? else it’d defeat the very existence/meaning of IEMs)
3) need something really easy to drive (no amp required) while being relatively good on clarity (lets not forget the bass guys!) and being within the budget of rm100-200 (refer item 1, and yes I’m being cheap if you just HAVE to ask)

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Audio Technica ATH-AD900 Earpads and Crossroads Headphone stand Modification

As mentioned briefly from the previous review post, i have made some changes on my AD900 headphones’ ear pads, and in addition to that a bit of a “ghetto modification ” to my crossroads headphone stand so that it no longer hard presses with the headphone ear pads. After all, the new ear pads are kinda pricey (say, almost MYR 300 ^^;) and i wouldn’t want it to get damaged by the very stand it rests on. I will be doing a bit of a review with the sound signature for the AD900 after the ear pads modification. It is highly recommended to read the previous review post before this as there are a lot of references and comparison from that post. The headphones definitely have quite a significant change considering the ear pads for the Audio Technica w5000 (wooden closed can) are very different than the pads of the AD900.

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Audio Technica ATH-AD900 Review

image source: illustrator Kunieda’s website “Heddohon shōjo” ヘッドホン少女

Been a while since the last post (as usual it seems lol), so hello everyone if anyone still reads this blog! Now you may probably wonder what is a Headphone review doing on this website especially with a description like “Anime, Figurines, Gaming, and Otaku’ism” right? Well if you’re familiar with anime shows/movies, you will probably notice that the opening or ending of every episode or movie, there will always be an opening or ending theme song playing. Yes, Anime song – short “anisong” is rapidly gaining popularity everywhere around the world and that is what I’ve been listening to for my music ever since i have left the English music scene somewhere around the year 2004/2005. I can go on for a while on the comparisons between the 2 music scenes, reasons of why i made the switch and so forth, however that’s not why i am writing this post. This post will be all about the Audio Technica ATH-AD900 review, so lets get on with it shall we?

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