PC death, New Motherboard, and previously bought New HDD

Despite my efforts to keep up April’s post count, and possibly improve it, i was being lazy slammed down with many BS which includes but not limited to – My PC being dead. So hey, might as well turn this into a blog post eh? 😛 I’ll promise to make this one good, so long you stick through it 😀 (oh and Solomon, ill definitely get those pictures processed >_<)

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Star Trek 2009 Review

A while ago I’ve mentioned about this Star Trek movie bloggers gathering, well I’ve went and watched Star Trek movie for yet another time with my family during Mother’s day, and boy it was still as enjoyable as it was during the early screening.

Anyways the movie was released on 8th May, and (in before slowpoke) by now i would assume a huge majority already watched it, so this post may contain spoilers so if you have yet to watch this movie, and are very sensitive with spoilers, i would suggest to read no further and do yourself a favor by watching this epic sci-fi first 🙂

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Cyberfusion 2009 – Guinness World Records

Oh wow, how should i start… Cyberfusion 2009 LAN Party event just happened on 10th April till 12th April at Cyberjaya MMU Malaysia now having its place in the Guinness World Records. After a long 40 hours of gaming non-stop, and lots of energy drinks/caffeine, it is finally over, and Malaysia has officially achieved a new world record of having the world’s largest and longest running LAN Party with 274 participants qualified gaming for 40 hours and 58 seconds.

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WoW ESL European regional finals! my own WoW update

Heres a much delayed highlight (not that its already overdone by Gameriot Bloggers -_-;) of  2009 World of Warcraft Electronic Sports League European regional finals highlights from DMM. Dont think im gonna put up much write up on this as you’re better off checking out Gameriot blog itself, so with that said, i present you the youtube for the (pretty much) best pro-arena moments in WoW EVER:

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